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If There's Action, We'll Get You There

We’ll help you follow a game live even if you can’t be there. All the information that matters, accessible on any type of mobile device, tablet or computer, all season long.

Experience the season like never before!


Stay up to date with your favorite players

Get up-to-the-second updates on player and team activity with real-time alerts so you’ll never miss the moments that count.

Keep up with the game wherever you are

Parent juggling busy schedules? Grandparent far away? The live gamestream gives you a real-time field view so you can follow along no matter where you are.

Capture every moment of your team’s journey

Comprehensive season stats give even the most casual fan the best insights all season long.

Plus — $2.99/mo
Live Gamestreams, player alerts, box scores and more!
Premium — $7.99/mo
All the Plus features ​&​ comprehensive season stats and charts.