Choose the app that gives basketball teams Free Live Streaming, Digital Scorekeeping and Team Communication. GameChanger makes team management much easier for coaches, and broadcasts games to family and fans who can’t be there in person.


Frame the game.

As coaches, you understand the importance of preparation. Proper camera setup will help to ensure a better viewing experience:

Who can live stream the game from within GameChanger Team Manager?

Only staff members have the ability to live stream from within the GameChanger Team Manager app right now. If you would like access, just email and we'll get you set up.

Who can watch the live streamed games?

The staff member streaming the game can choose between allowing only family members and players (for teams whose age group allows for players to have their own account) to see the live stream, or allowing family members, players, and team fans to see the live stream.

How much does it cost?

It is 100% FREE for staff members of the team to stream the game from their device on GameChanger Team Manager. It is also 100% FREE for confirmed team members to watch the live stream on their device in the GameChanger Team Manager app. There are no hidden costs.

Do I need a strong internet connection to live stream a game?

You need a good internet connection to live stream a game. A quality video stream will require adequate LTE data coverage or a WiFi connection.

How much will live streaming video drain my smartphone battery?

Streaming is a battery intensive operation for any phone. Your battery is going to drain. We recommend fully charging your phone prior to live streaming, and if possible, plugging your phone into an external battery.

Can I score games while streaming video?

You cannot score and live stream simultaneously from one device. You will need to have a second device on-hand to score the game. If you are scoring a basketball game, viewers will see the GameStream scoreboard with the live video feed.

What happens if I leave the app while streaming?

If you background the app (take a phone call, answer a text, etc) then the stream will pause for all viewers. Viewers will receive a message saying that the stream is paused. Once you return to the app you will be able to resume streaming.

What happens if I lose my cellular/WiFi connection while streaming a game?

If you lose your connection while streaming, the stream will pause for viewers. They will get a message saying that the stream has been paused. You will be able to resume streaming once you have a strong enough connection.

What is the best way to stream a game?

We recommend that you are connected to the internet via LTE if you are using cellular, or a stable WiFi connection.


Questions? We have the answers.

If you can’t find the answers you are looking for, please visit our customer support website.

Using your smartphone, a staff member can broadcast a live video stream from within the GameChanger Team Manager app. Watching this live video is free for everyone.

Point and shoot. It’s that easy.


Position smartphone

Position the smartphone in the optimal location to capture as much of the action as possible. 


Stream the Game

Tap the “Go Live” button to start a live video stream and leave it alone until the game is over. Your team community will be alerted when the event is live.

Score the Game

Score the game on another device to ensure that the scoreboard displays on the live stream.

Can't find the answer to your question? Contact us

Mount your phone onto a tripod in a position that will cover as much of the court as possible.

Attach a super wide angle lens to your smartphone to capture more of the court from a closer distance.

Plug the phone into an external battery pack while it’s recording to eliminate the risk of your phone dying.

Put your phone into 'do not disturb' mode to avoid the live stream from pausing when you receive a phone call.


Live Scorekeeping & Stats

Team staff members are now able to score and track stats helpful for player development. This also means family, fans, and players who can’t be at the game can follow the game score and player stats via the animated GameStream Fan Experience.

Stats (for your own team) include: points, rebounds, assists, steals, and turnovers.

Scorekeeping and stats are free features for staff. For family, fans, and players, access to the team’s season stats requires a paid Team Manager subscription. (Upgrade to Plus or Premium in Settings on the Team Manager app.) 


GameStream Fan Experience

Can't make the game? No problem. Watch the real time court view and enjoy live updates from anywhere.

The animated GameStream is free for everyone.

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